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Variety Specialties & Amusement Co. Inc.

A full-service amusement operator offering state-of-the-art amusement equipment to hundreds of locations in Illinois. We are headquartered in Lacon, Illinois, and have warehouses in Peoria, Spring Valley, LaSalle, and Sparland.


We offer some of the most modern amusement machines in the industry.

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Your customers will return again and again for the fun gaming experience.

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Have more than one shift? The Shopper has "Setting Zones" that gives each shift its slide of the pie.

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Industry-leading design and durability.

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Over 500 locations in Illinois

Variety Specialties & Amusement is one of the largest coin-operated amusement companies in Illinois with over 500 locations. We offer a full line of the latest amusement machines, games, jukeboxes, and ATMs. We are also excited to be able to offer you dart leagues and dart tournaments!

Dart Leauges and Tournaments

We are excited to be able to offer you dart leagues and dart tournaments!

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Variety Amusements

There are so many products to choose from... here are just a few:

Video Games

Dart Machines

Pinball Machines


Pool Tables


ATM Machines

Touchscreen Games

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Affiliate Companies

Our affiliate organizations may be able to meet some of your business’ other needs.