Virtuo Touch Tunes

Virtuo is a showpiece of form and function that commands attention in your venue, transforming the way your patrons enjoy their night out. A breakthrough music experience that reflects the unique musical taste of your venue, Virtuo is proven to help increase engagement and use.

Engaging, Social, & Fun

Choose from a diverse set of music profiles to fit your venue.

Dynamically learns your venue's musical taste and serves up the most relevant songs, artists, playlists and search results.

Customized song recommendations to help match patrons with their favorite tunes.

Makes A Statement

Sleek design with bright rim and wall lighting to set the mood.

Large 27 inch HD widescreen encourages social interaction.

Top LED screen calls out to patrons, tells them what song is playing, and shows a dynamic equalizer that moves to the music.

A Smarter Music Experience

Virtuo actually learns from the music being played in your venue and changes the user experience over time to better match what your patrons want to hear. This means that the home screen content, artist pages, playlists and even search results dynamically change based on the music history of your jukebox, providing a highly relevant music experience like no other.


With the touch of a button, Virtuo transforms into an interactive photo booth that inspires your customers to be spontaneous. TouchTunes PhotoBooth draws a crowd and adds a new dimension of fun that sets your venue apart.

  • Large wide-screen format makes group photos fun and easy
  • Simple photo sharing through email and social media
  • Themed seasonal and holiday promotions that you can incorporate into your own promotional plans and activities
  • Fun frames, special effect filters and multiple photo formats including the nostalgic four-picture strip
  • Jukebox music keeps playing while PhotoBooth is in use

Mobile App

The TouchTunes mobile app is a proven and revolutionary way for consumers to control the Virtuo jukebox from anywhere in your venue. With millions of downloads, the app is fun to use and loaded with features to help you connect with today’s mobile-centric consumer and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Create custom welcome messages that appear on users’ phones when they check into the jukebox at your venue
  • Play the jukebox from anywhere in your location
  • Personalized user experience combines the user's play preferences and song history with the venue's vibe to create a unique music experience
  • Rewards users with bonus credits and other perks to encourage more play and keep users coming back
  • Search and play songs, create personalized playlists and jump the queue
  • See what song is playing, along with the next and last song played

Touch Tunes Playdium

TouchTunes Playdium, a next-generation entertainment platform redefines the possibilities for new and engaging in-venue user experiences. The revolutionary music experience allows the jukebox to reflect the unique musical taste of each venue with a sleek, modular design. Playdium also supports the leading TouchTunes mobile app, and integrated Karaoke and PhotoBooth.